New Growth System

Totally Self Contained Growing System

Green City Farms utilizes our patented vertical growing system called the CropTower(tm) Grow System. The CropTower System combines aeroponic and hydroponic technology to grow healthy organic food with less water and less space than traditional gardening methods.

Each 20 CropTower System can harvest up to 2000 individual plants per month on a 1/4 acre of space. Energy costs can be totally eliminated by using our proprietary solar power system making the entire operation self sufficient. Our patented irrigation system recirculates 90% of the total water required for each plant.

Since the CropTower System is self-contained and can be driven by solar power, we are not dependent upon a particular terrain or power limitation. They can be located anywhere in the world, including parking lots, urban rooftops, mountains, abandoned city-owned properties and from rain forest to deserts.The CropTower Grow System is ideal for indoor use as well.

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