Urban Desert Solutions

Turnkey, Automated and Vertical In A Limited Space.

Cities through America are looking for solutions for sustainable food sources to feed their communities with little or no grocery or healthy food options.

Green City Farms has been developed to give back to local communities by providing a sustainable food supply of leafy greens, some fruits and vegetables in areas never before possible. From empty lots to parking lots, if it’s level, we can grow. No need for fertilizer, crop soil or other “in the ground” solutions, because we grow above ground in our patented CropTowers.

Standing 10′ tall and 16″ across, one CropTower can hold more than 100 heads of lettuce or small fruit in an area of 81 square feet. Imagine the volume that can be produced when, in 30 days, you have a crop ready to harvest and replant! In fact, we can provide approximately $72,000 of fresh produce per year on a 1/4 acre with a 20 Tower system. The system can pay for itself in less than a year.

Green City Farms provides a turnkey solution for cities or counties wishing to install one of our systems. We can work with local non-profits like churches or other groups to run the system and provide training and oversight to make sure it runs as it should.