Finally, a REAL, Sustainable Urban Farm Combines fresh grown greens with a giveback system to support food deserts.
Local governments can provide fresh leafy greens and other small fruits and vegetables to communities in need.
Farm To Family Or
Farm To Table.
The system can support a free and paid model, depending on the needs of the community.
Rooftops, parking lots, anywhere there is space to grow. You don't need soil or raw land.
Beautiful Greens. More than "market fresh." More than "farm fresh."
Literally "Hand Picked Fresh."
You literally pick and serve
or sell.
Solar Powered And
Recycled Everything
A sustainable business model means more than recovering
revenue, we recover water, nutrients, roots, and more.

Meet The High-Tech Sustainable Urban Farm For Food Deserts.

Green City Farms is the first sustainable high-tech, urban farm solution. Green City Farms’ HarvestTowerstm , provide cities and counties (and countries) with a full-scale food desert solution using limited land areas (starting at 1/4 acre). We can grow thousands of heads of lettuce or other greens and small fruits with an integrated, automated, 100 tower farm. The system is turnkey and automated so local community groups can run the system with just a little training.

Green City Farms

Green City Farms is the new urban “Food Desert”
garden growing system with 
recycled water and
available solar power – totally self-contained!

Tomorrow’s Technology Available Now!

More than seven years of testing, upgrading and improving to create the most technologically advanced growing system on the planet. Now production and harvesting of greens like lettuce, herbs, microgreens and fruits can be maximized in a food desert environment.

Urban Food Desert Solutions

On just 1/4 acre of land, from empty residential lots to parking lots, we can grow and harvest 120,000 heads of lettuce, herbs, microgreens or other greens and small fruits annually with a 100 HarvestTowertm grow.

Green City Farms provides our turnkey, automated, high-tech food growing system for communities in need of fresh greens and produce. We also provide for community outreach by providing first hand, on-site teaching of children about healthy eating habits, how to grow food and how our innovative growing techniques can improve our world.

A Not-For-Profit, Yet Sustainable Solution

To-date, it’s been hard to develop a food desert solution that is affordable, productive AND sustainable.

Growing in the ground requires an incredible amount of valuable land, other hydroponic solutions are expensive and require indoor growing. But because we can grow outside on a small area of land and we can generate enormous amounts of harvest on a monthly basis, this give us all new options for sustainability.

  • Affordable
  • Small Foot Print
  • Very High Volume
  • Sustainable
  • Simple To Maintain