Real Sustainability

Real Sustainability Through A Combination of
High Volume and End User Partners/Customers.

Green City Farms is designed as a sustainable, ongoing non-profit organization. To be sustainable, an urban farm in a food desert must break even or even generate a small net revenue to be truly sustainable and needs be efficient in use of operational costs and labor, but also energy and water.

The other piece is volume. the low-cost of healthy greens means you have to grow to scale, and generate hundreds of thousands of harvested produce per year, and have a ready made market to sell or distribute those products on a monthly basis.

Whether you are a non-profit urban farm or a large commercial farming operation, a profitable bottom line is necessary to keep the operation functioning. Our experienced staff can help design the perfect system to grow profitable crops to provide healthy nurishment to neighborhoods, restaurants, grocery markets and homes.

Our operation also provides community outreach by providing first hand on site teaching of children about organic healthy foods, how to grow them and how our innovative growing techiniqes can improve our world.