Sustainable Farm

Totally Self-Contained Growing System

Green City Farms utilizes a vertical growing system called the HarvestTowertm . The HarvestTowertm combines aeroponic and hydroponic technology to grow healthy organic food with less water and less space than traditional gardening methods.

Each 100 HarvestTowerstm can grow up to 120,000 individual plants per year on a 1/4 acre of land. Energy costs can be totally eliminated by using a solar power system making the entire operation self sufficient. The irrigation system reuses and recirculates 90% of the total water required for each grow.

Since the HarvestTowertm is self-contained and can be driven by solar power, we are not dependent upon a particular terrain or power limitations (if solarized). They can be located anywhere in the world, including parking lots, urban rooftops, mountains, abandoned city-owned properties and from rain forest to deserts.

¬†It’s Important To Also Know What We’re Not.

Just as important as what we are, is what we’re not. Chance are everyone has seen single 3-5′ home-based towers, small towers that have water in the base and feed a few plants at a time. These are made for residential use, are of good, but not lasting quality, and can hardly provide enough produce or greens for one family, much less an entire community.

With Green City Farms, our HarvestTowers are 10′ tall, hold 102 plants and are networked together 100 or 200 or even 300 at a time, with an integrated watering system that feeds all the towers at the same time to generate hundreds of thousands of heads of greens, lettuce, box choy, herbs, micro greens and small fruits to feed a much larger community.

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